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About Us

We are individuals learning to live life to the fullest. In learning to live without fear, with open hearts and listening to our own Drummer, we have developed two passions:

A passion for health

Abundant health is necessary to live a life with energy, enthusiasm and grace. Recognizing the increasing threats to our health, we are constantly researching to discover the latest natural health discoveries and then experimenting with their effectiveness. We recognize accepting complete responsibility for our own health is the first step. The second step is understanding that our body has the ability to heal itself if the elimination channels are working and if given the proper nutrients. We believe the Bob Beck Protocol, the Brain Tuner or Bio Tuner, and Infrared or Red LED Light Therapy helps us to restore wellness.

A passion for the freedom to chart our destiny

We accept that each of us must take responsibility for our loss of freedoms. As a society we have not demanded that our political system and our established media be accountable to us, the people. As a society we have forgotten why we are here. We need to be willing to stand tall to help build a system that respects the rights of the individual and ensures freedom with responsibility. We recognize that outer change can only happen when each of us makes the necessary changes in our own attitudes and beliefs. Change happens one person at a time. The difficult part is respecting others - learning to give others their freedom when they don't agree with us! When we are willing as individuals to give others their freedom and take responsibility for our own lives, we lead the way for our communities and then our society to give freedom with responsibility. Bob Beck also believed in these principles and he created the Beck Protocol and the Brain Tuner so that each of us could Take Back Your Power.

What We Do

We specialize in publishing information and producing videos that reveal how you can personally benefit from the use of gentle applications of electricity for health.