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Frequently Asked Questions

The Beck Protocol

Q. Where can I get a copy of the US patent Bob Beck refers to?

The US patent #5,188,738 should be available in your local library or via the Internet.

Q. Did Bob Beck endorse one or more company's products?

Bob Beck endorsed all products manufactured by SOTA Instrument Inc. Russ Torlage of SOTA Instruments worked closely with Bob the last few years of his life. In addition, Bob Beck also endorsed an electronics store as a source for parts and kits and another manufacturer's blood electrification unit. With government pressure, however, both these companies withdrew as a source for the Beck Protocol supplies.

Q. How can I contact Bob Beck?

Bob Beck passed from this world in June 2002. He always emphasized that his doctorate was in physics and he was not a medical doctor. His interest centered on bringing his discoveries about electricity for health and on providing information that would allow anyone interested to help themselves. He was not interested in being a health practitioner and realized it would be against the law for him to do so.

Q. Does Bob Beck have a web page? will contain the most up-to-date, accurate and balanced information on Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol. This site is under construction and will draw from interviews with those who knew him, Bob Beck's personal effects and from ongoing discussions with scientists and those who use his technology.

Q. What is the difference between the Rife technology and the Beck units?

While both are bio electric protocols, the Rife units are based on frequency as is Hulda Clark's zapper. The Beck Protocol units are based on the use of microcurrents of electricity and a pulsed magnetic field. The Brain Tuner or Bio Tuner, however, uses frequency technology. Having stated that, frequency units do emit microcurrents and microcurrent units do emit frequencies. Usually the microcurrents produced by frequency units are much lower than the microcurrents on which the Beck technology is showing effectiveness. Remember similar technology has been proven safe by the use of heart pacemakers and other implanted devices. Beck's microcurrent technology does emit frequencies. The frequency of the blood electrification unit, however, is not the main function. The frequency is based on being 1/2 of the earth's frequency.

Q. Can I use the Beck units (blood and tissue electrification) with a heart pacemaker or defibrillator?

Bob Beck cautioned against using the unit with a pacemaker.

Q. Can I take food supplements, drugs, or eat garlic while using the units?

Supplements: We feel it's important to continue to give the body the nutrients it needs. We continue to take food supplements, even herbs, while using the units. We make sure the supplements we take are from natural sources rather than high potency synthetic sources. If you have any concerns, consult a health practitioner.

Garlic: Some individuals are very sensitive to garlic and experience what they describe as "brain fog". On a subtler level, there is really no way to tell if you are more sensitive to garlic unless you go for a period of weeks without having it. In our own experience and the experiences reported by others, most people do not have a reaction to garlic that is used as a part of their culinary habits. If used medicinally in high dosages, then we refer you to a health practitioner and also to what is said here about supplements and drugs.

Drugs: Bob Beck warned that drugs - both pharmaceutical and recreational - may be magnified during blood electrification. He wanted to err on the side of caution when he learned there was a process by which electricity can make the cell walls more permeable than normal, called electroporation. Since that time, we've learned that it takes quite a bit more electricity than the microcurrent output of his unit, to cause electroporation. In addition, other practitioners have referred to a potential phenomena of accelerated transport of substances by microcurrents, but not magnification. In over 20 years we haven't had any negative reports about reactions, but as with anything novel, it is best to approach new technology cautiously with the understanding that some individuals are more sensitive than others. Bob Beck suggested if one were going to be using a milder prescription drug, to take it shortly after a session and then wait 24 hours until the next session. Please do not take this as medical advice. Our best suggestion is to always consult a health practitioner for any condition.

Q. How long do I need to use the protocol?

Most report definite improvement after four weeks. Four weeks, however, is not long enough to clean up the blood and lymph and strengthen the immune system to the point it will fly when the use of the units are stopped.

Many of us are learning we need to do The Beck Protocol for many weeks before taking a break. Also, it is best to discontinue the use of the Beck Protocol one part at a time. If all 4 parts of the protocol are discontinued at once, the immune system may not be ready to deal with the toxins without support—then symptoms will again flare up.

Those who do experience dramatic results within four weeks have usually already made the necessary changes in their lives to regain health. In these cases, The Beck Protocol has been the boost needed to overcome their problem. Many individuals have reported regaining energy after suffering from chronic fatigue. Usually they have adopted a healthier lifestyle as well as using the Beck Protocol.

Q. What about maintenance?

After using the units for at least six weeks to several months initially, it is probably wise to establish a maintenance schedule. Some report they use the units for four to six weeks every six months as maintenance, others one week every month or one or two days a week. The Beck Protocol units are research units so you must experiment to discover what works best for you. You may want to consult a health professional for herbal programs to cleanse and build the intestinal tract, kidneys and liver.

The Beck Protocol is proving to be a valuable tool for many of us on our journey to better health. Remember, however, that we are individual in our health needs. The Beck Protocol may work wonders for one person and not as well for another.

Q. How can I see improvements?

Chart your progress: List your health issues before starting the program—no matter how small. After one month and at later stages, check your list for improvements.

Blood cell analysis using a darkfield microscope: Darkfield microscopy allows you to see graphically the changes and improvement in your blood. The blood and lymph systems are two of the main components of the immune system. They are dynamic not static. That means these fluids are either getting 'cleaner' or 'dirtier' on a day–to–day basis and either strengthening or weakening our immune system. While using The Beck Protocol to electrify the blood and lymph, darkfield analysis shows the improvements in the blood. Once you stop using the units, if you are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the blood will again become a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Toxins from faulty diets and stress will again overwhelm the immune system.

Gaining and keeping better health is a lifestyle—it takes more than a commitment of a few weeks.

Blood Theory: Many who use a dark field microscope to examine blood, follow a theory described by Antoine Bechamp, a contemporary of Pasteur, Dr. Enderlein in Germany and Gaston Naessens in Canada. This theory states that we naturally have bacteria in our blood—referred to as a microzyma, endobiont or protit. If we keep our blood healthy, this tiny unit of life works in harmony with us. When we die, however, it is the task of this bacteria to break us down and 'return us to the earth.' It does this by evolving into pathogenic stages that break down the body. The problem is our lifestyles trigger this bacteria to evolve to the pathogenic stages while we're still walking around! To check for pathogenic forms when viewing blood, the blood cells are broken open to allow the contents to spill into the surrounding milieu. Under the microscope these pathogenic forms are readily visible.

Ionic Colloidal Silver

Q. How do I know if there are too many impurities in the water?

If the color of the water darkens or is cloudy, there are too many impurities in the water. Ionic Colloidal Silver should be no darker than a pale gold. A gold color usually occurs at about 6-10 PPM.

Q. What type of container should I use to make Ionic Colloidal silver?

Non-metal. When making 4 cups at a time, glass canning jars work well. Approximately double the time to make 4 cups.

Q. Why is it necessary to use distilled or de-mineralized water?

We recommend distilled water as it usually has the least impurities. You can use other water as long as the color of the Ionic Colloidal Silver remains clear or a light golden color.

Q. How much and how often?

Since our soils are deficient—often woefully deficient—in trace minerals, they are also devoid of traces of silver. In Colloidal Silver, Keith Courtenay reports on an article: "In 1940 and 1966, respectively, R.A. Kehoe and I.H. Tipton reported that under normal circumstances the average daily diet will yield approximately 50 mcg to 100 mcg of silver. …Therefore, it seems logical that a concentration of 3 to 5 PPM, yielding 15 mcg to 25 mcg of silver per teaspoon, will be a sufficient concentration to be both effective and safe to consume on a regular, daily basis. A 4 oz. container of colloidal silver at a concentration of 3 PPM will contain approximately 355 mcg of total silver—well below any reported toxicity level of orally consumed silver—even if several ounces were consumed on a daily basis for several years. Higher concentrations above 5 PPM, or about 591 mcg of total silver in a 4 oz container, may cause silver build–up in the system and are not necessarily more effective." For chronic or serious conditions the author states: "It is recommended to build up to, and take double or triple the recommended amount for 30–45 days, then reduce to the maintenance dosage."

We take breaks from drinking Ionic Colloidal Silver just as we take breaks or vary our food supplements.

Q. Does Ionic Colloidal Silver kill the colon's friendly flora?

In the laboratory, one researcher discovered Ionic Colloidal Silver stopped the growth of friendly flora only while in contact with the silver solution. As soon as the silver solution was removed, the friendly flora thrived again. It is also a possibility that Ionic Colloidal Silver is selective and affects only the bad bacteria.

We take a friendly flora supplement from time to time to make sure the colon has the good bacteria it requires.

For more information … Books & DVDs

Electricity for Health in the 21st Century is a booklet that can be read online or downloaded. This booklet offers an entertaining look at the electrical nature of the body.

Photo of Bob Beck Protocol Educational Materials

The Beck Protocol Handbook includes Bob Beck's original papers describing the four parts of the Beck Protocol and how to build your own units.

The Beck Protocol DVD Set includes two DVDs. One is an Introduction to the Beck Protocol with Bob Beck, health practitioners and testimonials from those who have used the protocol. The other, How to Use The Beck Protocol answers all your questions on the use of microcurrents and all parts of The Bob Beck Protocol.

To purchase the Beck Protocol units we recommend as this is the company that Bob Beck endorsed.