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What is the Beck Protocol?

There are four parts to The Beck Protocol, also known as a bioelectric protocol.

Step 1. Blood Electrification Microcurrent Therapy
for Cleansing the Blood

Over the years, while enjoying the fruits of a successful career as an acclaimed physicist, Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. maintained an interest in electro-therapy for health. When he heard that medical researchers had disabled viruses cultured in a laboratory with the application of microcurrents of electricity, his considerable intellect and ingenuity were aroused. While the medical researchers suggested the application of microcurrents similar to dialysis with the blood flowing out and then back into the body, Bob Beck developed a system to apply microcurrents to blood without invading the body. He developed a simple system for applying these microcurrents by placing electrodes over the wrist arteries. After considerable experimentation on himself, friends, acquaintances and a few individuals diagnosed with AIDS, all reaped some health benefit.

Step 2. Magnetic Pulsing for Tissue Electrification

Bob Beck realized that the blood might be cleared of viruses or other pathogens by applying microcurrents, but these same pathogens could be temporarily hiding in the lymph system. To create the necessary microcurrents in lymph and tissue, he developed a magnetic pulse generator. Bob explained during a 1997 Global Sciences Congress that: "… pulsed kilogauss magnetic fields help neutralize latent germinating alien invaders and block reinfection, quickens disease elimination, restores the system and supports detoxification." Pulsed magnetic fields create microcurrents in lymph and other tissue.

Step 3. Drinking Ionic Colloidal Silver

Bob explains how he awoke at 4:00 a.m. one morning with a sudden insight. He knew colloidal silver had been used extensively prior to the advent of antibiotics. He awoke with an insight on how to make colloidal silver electrically—easily and inexpensively. Thus was born an industry for the manufacture of home units to make colloidal silver. Ionic colloidal silver is made using 99.99% pure silver wires, distilled water and an electrical circuit.

Step 4. Drinking Freshly Ozonated Water

By this time, Bob Beck was on the lecture circuit at health shows to make his discoveries known. At his lectures, he also provided papers with information about his work and the schematics to build units. These lectures gave Bob an opportunity to talk with many people who had either bought or built his units and were using them to improve their health. One problem kept recurring. Many experienced flu-like symptoms as a result of the die-off of the pathogens. The body was not able to expel the toxins fast enough. Bob always stated the importance of drinking enough water to help flush toxins but after he discovered the book O2xygen Therapies by Ed McCabe and in talking with Ed, he introduced ozone as a fourth step by simply adding it to drinking water. Bob explained during an interview and a 1998 Global Sciences Congress talk:

"Now we have a third approach, or fourth, drinking Ozonized Water. The ozone, the O3 actually reduces by oxidation any of the toxins in your body.

O3 rapidly converts (oxidizes) … wastes long present in the body to H2O and CO2 which flush out easily and rapidly.

… just like oxygen, it oxidizes the wastes products into H2O and CO2."

Ozone is a great detoxifier but ozone was generally only available using expensive medical devices. Bob visited a fish supply store as he knew they used ozone to keep the fish tanks oxygenated. Bob built a water ozonator. Eureka! Bob and his friends started freshly ozonating a glass of water before drinking it. Bob used a pulse oxymeter on the finger to measure blood oxygen saturation and discovered, water saturated with ozone would increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Thus the fourth part of The Beck Protocol was added—drinking freshly ozonated water to help flush toxins.

Guide to the Beck Protocol

This guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the four steps … how often, how long, what to expect and more. When facing a more serious illness, this guide also offers suggestions for a more intensive program as well as providing insights gained by experience with the protocol.

What is Blood Electrification?

Dennis C., California, USA

"My whole body ached and I was depressed. After testing, I was diagnosed as having the most severe form of hepatitis—hepatitis C.

I suffered immensely from these medications but was told that they were the only things that would help. I became very depressed and spent most of my time in bed crying. I had to be off work completely.

I used the Silver Pulser for blood electrification 4 or 5 hours per day … I also took Ionic Colloidal Silver and used the Magnetic Pulser. Within 6 weeks I was out of bed. … The use of the Beck Protocol is now part of my lifestyle."

Dennis Chapman, California, USA

Microcurrent therapy or blood electrification is the use of a very gentle current of electricity to cleanse the blood.

Despite the fact that electricity was used quite extensively as a health therapy in the 19th Century; that many patents have been filed proving the effectiveness of electricity for health and that microcurrents are used in the food industry to destroy pathogens … it is still not a mainstream medical tool.

Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1991 piqued Bob Beck's interest in microcurrent therapy. This research involved the application of microcurrents to blood in the lab. The microcurrents neutralized the HIV virus … and other pathogens as well.

The research was first announced to the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies on March 14, 1991. The research was also reported in the March 30, 1991 issue of Science News:

"William D. Lyman and his colleagues found that exposure to 50 to 100 microamperes of electricity—comparable to that produced by a cardiac pacemaker—reduced the infectivity of the AIDS virus (HIV) by 50 to 95 percent. Their experiments, described March 14 in Washington, D.C., at the First Inter–national Symposium on Combination Therapies, showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction, and could no longer cause the white cells to clump together—two key signs of virus infection."

The researchers anticipated a microcurrent device would be developed for implant or that a dialysis approach would be used with microcurrents applied as blood was circulated outside of the body. William Lyman was also interviewed on Quirks and Quarks, a Canadian network radio program on March 30, 1991 about their promising research. Despite the fact they had found an inexpensive way to cleanse blood, their research was dropped.

Two sources for their research remain: US Patent #5,188,738 filed in 1993 and in 1996 the research paper was published in a medical journal, Surgical Technology International.

Bob Beck's genius found a simple way to apply these same microcurrents to blood without invading the body. He developed a system to place electrodes over the radial and ulner arteries on the wrist.

The results of a study conducted at the University of Washington are rather startling and indicate there should be a great upswing in microcurrent research. Researchers tested the microcurrent output of the Hulda Clark Zapper on white blood cells and leukemia cells. Keep in mind the Zapper is designed as a frequency unit. To generate frequencies, however, microcurrents are produced—usually minimal. The Zapper output proved safe on white blood cells while the Zapper proved to slow the growth of the leukemia cells in culture. The Zapper output is only 0.14 milliamp of a low-intensity time-varying electric current. This is much less than units used in The Beck Protocol.

Microcurrents are produced when frequencies are generated. The reverse is also true. When generating microcurrents, a frequency is produced. The Silver Pulser is designed as a microcurrent unit but it does emit frequency. The frequency matches that of the earth—1/2 of the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz. The above research study indicates microcurrent research on The Silver Pulser and The Magnetic Pulser holds great promise.

Application of gentle microcurrents by electrodes placed on the skin is proving to be a valuable tool to help restore health.

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What is Magnetic Pulsing?

Static magnets as a health therapy have gained in credibility and use over the last several decades. The healing power of magnets is well accepted in natural health circles. In Canada, government licensing even recognizes the use of a magnetic bed as a medical device. With the use of static magnets, the north pole (south-seeking pole) of the magnet has different healing qualities than the south pole. North pole therapy is generally described as "contracting, healing, alkalizing" while south pole therapy is described as "stimulating." Having said this, a wealth of studies translated from Russian and Japanese, as examples, do not differentiate between north and south pole for effective healing.

Anna S., California, USA

"I was discharged from the hospital after a 2-week stay and was told to report immediately for chemotherapy and radiation. Intuition cautioned me that this was not the way to go. Upon arriving home, I cancelled the appointments and started to pursue the Bob Beck Protocol in earnest. … My internist up to that time admitted that the situation looked "pretty grim." The surgeon who had performed the operation said I had a life expectancy of six months. Meanwhile, I continued the Beck Protocol. … What has been the result of my use of the Beck Protocol? I now feel healthy and well. I have evidence that the CA 125 cancer marker has dropped from 102, a medically unacceptable level while I was in the hospital, to a low level of between 11 and 12 following my discharge—I'm out of the danger area."

Anna Staats, California

Pulsed magnetic fields, in addition to the healing qualities of static magnets, produce microcurrents of electricity in body cells and tissue. This was Bob Beck's purpose in the development of a magnetic pulse generator for health. The research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the many patents filed proved the effectiveness of microcurrents to neutralize pathogens in blood and water. Bob realized a system to create microcurrents in specific organs or tissues of the body would help speed the process of neutralizing pathogens and thus help strengthen the immune system. During a Global Sciences Congress lecture in 1994 and during a videotaped interview in 1998 he explained how a pulsed magnetic field would work on both lymph and other body sites:

"There is no way to reach them [lymph nodes] … except by magnetic fields. And this has never been mentioned anywhere in the literature.

The job of your lymph tissue is to wash these [toxins] away. You have 4 to 5 times the volume of lymph tissue in your body as you have circulating blood. And God didn’t make any mistakes. That’s to carry away waste products.

They [waste products] break out through your skin, make your skin itch, exude, and so we needed another device added to the menagerie, which would put an electrical charge, a back EMF, Electro Motive Force, into the various tissues.

So if we have a time-varying magnetic field with a microsecond rise time, two milliseconds or microseconds fall time, when you put that time-varying field, it must be time-varying, you cannot use permanent magnets … when you put that field across your body which is a conductor, you have salt water, your blood is saline, your urine, your tears, your saliva, every cell in your body is a conductor …

Well that voltage which is generated by back EMF in the body is handling the infections, the infectious residues that are still floating around in your body."

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a holistic medical doctor and founder of the Klinghardt Academy, stated during a videotaped interview:

"The magnetic fields are also very helpful in creating lymph drainage and when there’s congestion in tissues, where the blood flow is restricted because of backed up fluids in an area, for example in a jaw bone. So, we like to use magnetic fields in those areas, ah, with the purpose of draining the lymph."

Numerous testimonials from individuals who use a magnetic pulse generator on tumors, lymph, teeth and organs support the effectiveness of providing the body with both microcurrents and magnetic therapy. The research studies on pulsed magnetic fields (many conducted in Russia) indicate they are effective to improve circulation, accelerate tissue regeneration, regulate the nervous system, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Studies in the US indicate pulsed magnetic fields speed the healing of fractures and have proved effective in fractures that would not otherwise heal.

Pulsed magnetic fields have proven to help by increasing oxygen in the cells, improving cell metabolism and enhancing mineral exchange. Studies indicate these benefits have helped individuals overcome heart, lung, gastrointestinal, rheumatic and skin diseases as well as overcoming infections and improving immunity. In short, there are many benefits from the use of a magnetic pulse generator.

Ionic Colloidal Silver

Adam C., Ontario, Canada

"About 14 years ago, when I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. … I experienced abdominal cramping, diarrhea, anemia and felt like crap most of the time. I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication. I did my best to cope with the symptoms and the medication did help for awhile.

My research on the internet led me to the work of Dr. Robert C. Beck. … I slowly worked my way up to 2 hours a day with Blood Electrification. After one month, I began taking 1/2 cup of Ionic Colloidal Silver each day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. … A couple of months later, I ordered the Magnetic Pulser as I wanted to target my abdominal area specifically. … I gradually increased my time magnetic pulsing to 2 hours each day … It's been a year now of using the units and I just get better and better."

Adam Carter, Ontario, Canada

Ionic colloidal silver has been known for centuries for it's anti-infectious qualities. Prior to the development of antibiotics by the pharmaceutical industry, colloidal silver was used extensively within the medical community.

Today silver is used for its antibacterial properties in compound form for severe burns, for drops in the eyes of newborn babies, for water filters, vehicle steering wheels and more. Two companies have developed ionic silver bandages that are used with great success to combat infection and speed healing within hospital and medical settings.

Research on the use of commercial mild silver protein products has been conducted at two universities. In The Micro Silver Bullet by M. Paul Farber Ph.D., the author describes tests at the University of Toronto on his mild silver protein product showing it was not toxic to animals even in larger quantities. Another company had their mild silver protein tested at a US university in 1999. This research proved the product was effective against a variety of virulent bacteria.

(Note: The university has asked not to be named as it was independent research by a professor rather than university sponsored research.)

Making Your Own Ionic Colloidal Silver

In the early 1990's, Bob Beck came up with the idea of making ionic colloidal silver using three 9-volt batteries. He wanted to make it possible for individuals to make their own colloidal silver. When made electrically using only distilled water and silver wires that are 99.99% pure, the silver produced is free of impurities. Both ionic and colloidal silver is produced to assure a small particle size. To keep particle size small it is best to limit the parts per million (PPM) of ionic colloidal silver from 3 to 6 PPM.

There are two other ways to keep the particle size small:

1) Heating the water to increase conductivity and speed the process, or

2) Using a constant current unit. It is not necessary to heat the water with constant current.

Colloidal silver can also be made by adding a few drops of a dilute sea salt solution. This is a fast way to produce colloidal silver but the particle size will be larger because of the formation of silver chloride. For this reason we do not recommend the salt method be used if one is drinking colloidal silver on a longer-term basis.

Particle Size and Argyria

A small particle size is important for the body to successfully use and handle ionic colloidal silver. There is a risk of developing argyria if the particle size is too large. If the particle size is too large for the body to readily process the silver, the lymph system must handle these larger molecules. If the lymph system carries the molecules for excretion through the skin, argyria can develop. Argyria is a result of light hitting silver to turn it darker.

Argyria can occur in all organs. It is not noticeable, however, until the silver molecules are forced out through the skin. Please note that with thousands of people drinking colloidal silver since 1991, there has been few reported cases of argyria in several decades.

There is some need for caution. The British Columbia Ministry of Environment in a water quality document (August 7, 2001) outlining the toxicity of silver to freshwater microbes and marine microbes, states with regards to humans: "Populations that are unusually susceptible to toxic effects from silver are those with dietary deficiencies of vitamin E or selenium, or those with genetically-based deficiencies in the metabolism of these essential nutrients. Those populations with damaged livers and those exposed to very high selenium levels in their diet are also at higher risk. Some people may exhibit an allergic response to silver."

The document was prepared because of the discharge from photo-processing labs and solid state electronics. The report also states: "For human, laboratory animal, wildlife and livestock drinking water, and for food processing industries where water is incorporated into the product, no silver criterion appears to be necessary. … Silver is a disinfectant for non-spore forming bacteria at concentrations about 1000 times lower than the levels at which it is toxic to mammalian life."

A Canadian government report of September 1986 on silver states that: "The quantity of silver causing argyria in man is not precisely known, but Hill and Pillsbury noted that the injection of 1000 mg of silver as silver arsphenamine produced this condition." Note the injection was not ionic silver but rather a silver compound. Compounds have larger molecular sizes.

A hair analysis will determine whether you are low or high in selenium. It would be wise to consult a natural health practitioner to individualize a mineral supplement program. Of course, it's a good idea to change your supplement program from time to time.

More on Argyria

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Freshly Ozonating Water

Ozone is a form of oxygen—an unstable form. Stable oxygen that we breathe in every day is O2. Ozone is O3 so there is an extra electron looking to pair itself. This instability is what makes ozone a universal cleanser. Lightning creates ozone and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in our atmosphere and in our waters to help cleanse our planet. O3 breaks down in water to H2O and O2.

Kevin M., California, USA

"And now we're two and a half years later – I was originally on death's door, given up by my doctors, I had, like, twenty-six horrendous symptoms that were called incurables by the western medical community and I'm totally clear at this point – two and a half years later. … What got me to where I am today, at the heart of everything I was doing was the Beck protocol."

Kevin Montague, California

Ozone is widely used in Europe for purifying drinking water and swimming pools. Ozone is also used to purify bottled waters. Ozone is used extensively in medicine in Germany and Cuba by either infusing it or injecting it directly into the blood stream. In medical applications: "It is the aim of ozone-oxygen therapy to stimulate or reactivate oxygen metabolism, without damage to the protecting oxidative enzymes…"

In countries where ozone is used extensively to cure diseases, that maximum is well understood. Ozone is inexpensive especially in comparison to pharmaceuticals. This is the most likely reason the North American medical system blocks the use of ozone.

Ozone at higher levels in the atmosphere helps protect our planet. Ozone in the air at ground level, however, has a bad name as it is associated with air pollution. When air is heavily polluted ozone forms in an effort to clean the air. Remember ozone is nature's most powerful cleanser. Ozone is hard on lungs so it is not a good idea to breathe in too much ozone.

"…oxygen is the most important healing substance, the most effective detox agent, the premium blood cleanser, the most potent antibiotic, a versatile hormone, a blood clotter and declotter, and the conductor of the orchestra of the immune system." Why then is the use of ozone so controversial? Ozone's extra electron makes it suspect in some circles as a free radical. Free radicals are formed naturally within our bodies to clean up toxins and carry them out of our systems. Free radicals are often formed in excess today as a result of environmental pollutants as well as diets heavy in sugars and rancid oils. These excess free radicals snatch electrons from healthy molecules and are considered a primary cause of aging. The body needs help to supply these free radicals with electrons. Once satisfied with an electron, they can be eliminated from the body before they do further harm. Ozone satisfies free radicals by providing the needed electrons. Ozone is a free radical scavenger.

Certain vitamins and minerals have been named 'antioxidants'. This makes it sound like it is a good idea to reduce oxygen! We need all the oxygen we can get as the amount of oxygen in the air is much reduced today than it was: "Many scientists were stunned recently when it was revealed that air bubbles trapped in fossilized amber had been analyzed and found to contain oxygen levels of 38%. Yet today it is well known that the average oxygen content of air is only 19% to 21%. In other words, since the early history of the earth, it appears there has been a whopping 50% drop in the average oxygen content of air we breathe!"

Vitamins and minerals do help protect the body from harmful free radicals but it is misleading when they are referred to as 'antioxidants.' Free radical protectors would be a more accurate term—and remember excess free radicals are created by pollution not oxygen.

To repeat, ozone helps mop up free radicals. Dr. Majid Ali has extensive experience with oxygen therapies—including ozone. He has discovered that ozone is effective as a medical therapy because it acts to protect in the same way the 'antioxidants' do. He describes this process in his book, Oxygen and Aging.

Our bodies desperately need more oxygen. Cancer cells, for instance, can only grow in an anaerobic or oxygen–deficient environment. In Ozone, The Eternal Purifier of the Earth and Cleanser of All Living Beings, H.E. Sartori describes the results of live–blood analysis using phase contrast and darkfield microscopy after ozone was injected into a terminal lung cancer patient. Red blood cell membranes were strengthened; the immune system was strengthened; all pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi were removed. He concludes, "Ozone purifies blood by eliminating foreign materials."

The Beck Protocol includes adding ozone to a glass of cold water to increase the amount of oxygen in the water before we drink it. This is not a medical procedure. The purpose is to simply flush toxins from the system more quickly.

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The Beck Protocol

The Beck Protocol consists of blood electrification or microcurrent therapy, magnetic pulsing, ionic colloidal silver and ozonated water. The individual units were designed to be used together or separately. While this technology has brought relief to many, there is no guarantee it will work the same for you or your loved one. It is important for you to know, that how the Beck Protocol works is theoretical and unproven by standard medical or government testing. The balance to that point of view is that energy medicine in many forms, has been used safely and effectively for the last 200 years or more. The scientific foundation for using electricity in medicine is solid, and only economic interests have forced it from the mainstream.

Robert C. Beck was a champion for us all as he believed deeply in sharing what he discovered. It was important to him that this technology be available for those who desire to take charge of their own health or to "Take Back Your Power".

For more information … Books & DVDs

Electricity for Health in the 21st Century is a booklet that can be read online or downloaded. This booklet offers an entertaining look at the electrical nature of the body.

Photo of Bob Beck Protocol Educational Materials

The Beck Protocol Handbook includes Bob Beck's original papers describing the four parts of the Beck Protocol and how to build your own units.

The Beck Protocol DVD Set includes two DVDs. One is an Introduction to the Beck Protocol with Bob Beck, health practitioners and testimonials from those who have used the protocol. The other, How to Use The Beck Protocol answers all your questions on the use of microcurrents and all parts of The Bob Beck Protocol.

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