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Paul Karason - The Blue Man

Argyria had turned Paul Karason's skin so blue that he was dubbed Blue Man by the media in 2007/2008. He was interviewed on several major television talk shows including Oprah's show. For about 12 years, Paul drank Colloidal Silver made with salt in the water to increase conductivity. This meant the particle size was larger than Ionic Colloidal Silver made with a Constant Current unit or by heating the water to increase conductivity.

For a few of those years he was a caregiver for his parents. When his father's health worsened in late 1998, the stress caused a lifelong skin condition to flare up--severe dermatitis. The skin would crack and peel on his face. So Paul started spraying Colloidal Silver on his face twice daily as it helped reduce the problem. In addition, at this time, he was sometimes drinking as much as two glasses of Colloidal Silver a day.

After applying Colloidal Silver to his face for about three months, a friend he hadn't seen for a long while came to visit. He noticed right away that Paul's skin had a bluish tinge. Paul's doctor ordered a heavy metals test. His system was clear of heavy metals and while his silver level was slightly higher than normal, it was well within safe limits.

Paul had noticed so many benefits from drinking Colloidal Silver that he didn't want to stop:

  • 1. Acid Reflux disappeared.
  • 2. Sinus Congestion that he'd had since childhood drained and healed.
  • 3. The pain of stiffness from arthritis in his shoulders disappeared.

During interviews, Paul always said he didn't mind his blue color as he felt it protected his sensitive skin from the usual sunburns. He was in no hurry to reverse the condition. We presented a program to reverse Argyria to Paul using a Far Infrared Sauna and a special supplement program. Later in 2008, however, a friend loaned him an ionic footbath device. Paul felt that with regular use of this unit, his skin was slowly getting lighter in color.

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Stan Jones, Montana Libertarian Congressional Candidate

Stan Jones

I talked with Stan Jones after his picture with bluish skin made the major media circuit early in October 2002. In fact, he returned my call as he's keen to let others know the mistakes he made in making colloidal silver over a period of about five years. While living in Seattle, he immersed silver wires in a paper cup with tap water. Then he used a 27-Volt generator to make the colloidal silver. In Seattle the tap water contained very few minerals and conductivity of the water was very low. To improve the conductivity, Jones was advised to add about four drops of a salt solution. He generated the silver solution for eight minutes in eight ounces of room temperature water and consumed it each day.

When Stan moved to Montana in 1999, he discovered the tap water there contained a lot of minerals so the drops of salt were no longer necessary to get a good current. He decided to make a stronger solution of the silver and added it to his drinking water. He let the generator operate for 1–1½ hours. This would produce a high PPM concentrate with silver compounds as a result of the minerals in the water. He then added this milky solution to two gallons of drinking water. This was his main source of drinking water throughout the day. Stan estimates he drank about 4 to 6 glasses of this silver solution each day.

Stan first noticed a blue color under his fingernails. He wasn't concerned at the time because he hadn't heard of argyria and felt in good health. Early this past summer, however, others started to comment on a gray or bluish tinge to his face. He now notices a slight bluish tinge under his eyes and around his nose. Stan says his face is certainly not as blue as the picture that was in the media. "Photography," he says, "can do things with color that is totally dependent on the light conditions. Some of my family and friends notice a difference in my skin tone but some don't notice any difference."

Stan's experience is a good reminder for all of us to remember to:

  • 1. Use only distilled water,
  • 2. Make ionic colloidal silver in the 3–5 PPM range,
  • 3. Use either the heat method to increase conductivity or a constant current unit. Both the heat method and a constant current unit ensure the particle size stays small.

In the past we have suggested using the salt method when traveling or on an emergency basis when it wasn't convenient to heat the water. With the availability of constant current units, the salt method is no longer necessary even for travel.

There are no reported cases of argyria when ionic colloidal silver is made as above and consumed in moderation. Keep in mind that we also suggest taking a break occasionally from drinking ionic colloidal silver or from any nutritional supplement.