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Bob Beck was truly a Renaissance man as he was knowledgeable about so many health therapies and sometimes had personal correspondence with leading researchers. The use of light and frequencies is an example. The personal effects of Bob Beck provide inspiration for the use of both Light and Color Therapy. In addition, among Bob's effects were early diagrams and articles related to the research of Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician, who discovered the Nogier Frequencies. One book about color therapy among his effects dates from the late 1800s. We feel Bob is smiling as we share current information about the use of LED infrared and red light therapy and the Nogier Frequencies.

LED Light

Research sponsored by NASA in the US as well as research in Russia shows LED light speeds healing. Reports using either Red or Near Infrared (NIR) LED light indicate pain relief, allergy relief, and the healing of difficult wounds—including diabetic skin ulcers, burns and eye damage.

Nogier Frequencies

Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician, discovered seven frequencies with which body cells naturally vibrate. Applying these frequencies helps the cells to resonate with their natural healthy vibration.

Both LED Light and the Nogier Frequencies act as a trigger to stimulate the electrical nature of the body.

The Nogier frequencies or Modes

"My psoriasis started as scrapes and cuts on my knees, going from coin-sized patches to scabs and then growing to cover the whole front of my knees in red, raised, palm-sized patches. … I was so amazed at how little scarring there was after using the LightWorks and how it all cleared completely in 4 or 5 months."

Ashley H., Spain

The following descriptions are not meant to be medical claims. Qualified health professionals, trained to use the Nogier frequencies on specific areas of the body and precise locations on the outer ears, report these uses and benefits. We offer this information simply as a guide for personal experimentation. For serious conditions, it is wise to work with a health practitioner.

We recommend a Light Unit called the LightWorks that outputs LED color and Nogier Frequencies. Below is a description of the different Modes used in the LightWorks Unit:

Modes – A, B, C output the 3 frequencies Nogier identified with the 3 basic tissue types:

Mode A, 292 Hz - Cellular Vitality
Used to assist wound healing, skin and nerve repair, reduce scar tissue, inflammation and tumors. Resonates with the Ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain and spinal cord.
Mode B, 584 Hz - Nutritional Metabolism
Used to improve nutritional assimilation, allergy problems and to balance the parasympathetic nervous system. Resonates with Endoderm (innermost tissue) that forms the lining of the intestinal tract, the lungs, the bladder, the urethra, and the auditory tube. It also forms the thyroid gland, the thymus, the liver, the gall bladder and the pancreas.
Mode C, 1,168 Hz - Movement
Used for muscle, skeletal and myofascial pain. Resonates with Mesoderm (middle tissue) that forms connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle, bone; also heart, blood and lymph vessels, kidneys, ovaries, testes, spleen, and the cortex of the adrenal gland.

Modes – D, E, F, G output the additional 4 Nogier frequencies:

Mode D, 2,336 Hz - Coordination
Used for balance between the two sides of the brain. May also help reduce and handle stress.
Veterinary experience: Use in addition to Modes A and C for chronic conditions.

"The skin was scraped from my face like a burn. When I looked at myself I knew it would take a long time to heal and I would definitely have a scar, as I am diabetic. I decided this was a great opportunity to try the LightWorks. I applied the red LED side directly on the scrape and let it run through the 32-minute cycle. I did this almost every hour on the hour when awake. Within 3 days, a scab formed, healed and dropped off. There is no scar and no one was more shocked than I at my speedy recovery."

Laurene Howell, USA

Mode E, 4,672 Hz – Nerves
Used for spinal and skin disorders. Resonates with the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Also considered helpful for pain control. Veterinary experience: To reduce excess calcification such as bone spurs and arthritic joints.

Mode F, 73 Hz - Emotional Reactions
Resonates with the subcortical or lower regions of the brain. Includes the thalamus and hypothalamus—two major control centers for body functions. May also help with muscle spasms, facial pain, headaches and depression. Has been used for non-healing bone fractures. May also help to balance hormones. Veterinary experience: To stimulate acupuncture points and improve circulation.

Mode G, 146 Hz - Intellectual Organization
Used for memory and psychological disorders. Resonates with the cerebral cortex of the brain—involved with thinking, imagining and creating. May help with nervousness and worry. Veterinary experience: To reduce yellow scar tissue on tendons and ligaments as well as reduce inflammation.

* Myofascial pain: The fascia is a tough connective tissue which spreads throughout the body surrounding every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ of the body. Malfunction of the fascial system due to trauma, posture, or inflammation can create a binding down of the fascia, resulting in abnormal pressure on nerves, muscles, bones or organs. This may be associated with fibromyalgia. References: Auriculotherapy Manual, Terry Oleson, 3rd edition 2003. ISBN #0–443–07162–4 and Healing Energies of Heat and Light, Charles T. McGee, M.D., 2000. ISBN #0–9636979–6–X\

Color Therapy

The ancient tradition of applying specific colors for health and well-being is an option with the unit we recommend. Each color has a long history of use for health benefits.


Knowledge of the benefits of specific colors spans the ages from earlier centuries to modern day practitioners. NIR is not included in this research as it is not actually seen as a color--it is invisible to the human eye. Space research, however, escalated knowledge of the benefits of NIR LED light. Medical research funded by NASA discovered that NIR LEDs alleviates pain and speeds healing of muscle and ligament sprains. In addition it promotes and speeds healing of wounds.


Stimulating, forceful and vigorous. Associated with power and vitality with a cheering effect. Helps combat lethargy. Stimulates connective tissue formation so it can also promote healing of wounds. Nutritional metabolism, blood, liver, lungs, bone, heart, muscles.


Orange is a warm color with a stimulating effect. In nature, many spices are orange. Stimulating, energizing and vibrant. A color of joy, happiness and creativity. The nourishment provided by most B-vitamins and several minerals—including calcium, copper and selenium—is a result of their orange color. Orange is considered to be beneficial for digestion, immune function, kidneys, lungs. Orange LED lights have a wavelength of 605 nanometers (nm) (+/- 10 nm).


Yellow is a warm color so has a stimulating effect. Yellow is the color associated with our life-giving sun. Stimulating. A color of joy, happiness and mental alertness. The nourishment of vitamins A and C comes from the yellow spectrum of color. Among the minerals that provide yellow are magnesium, sodium and molybdenum. Yellow is considered to be beneficial for digestion, brain, nerves, lymph, skin. Parasites are repelled by yellow. Yellow LED lights have a wavelength of 590 nm (+/- 10 nm).


Green is known as a balancing color with wavelengths between warm and cold. Green is the most common color in nature. It is the color of nitrogen, an important element in our soils. In plants, chlorophyll is key to the process of converting light from the sun into chemical energy for the benefit of the plant and us. We are often reminded to eat greens. Green vegetables are particularly important for health. Balancing, soothing and calming. A color of contentment and trust. Green is often applied before and after other colors to bring greater balance. Green is considered to be beneficial for heart, immune function, glands, nerves, bones and is a germ fighter. Green LED lights have a wavelength of 520 nm (+/- 10 nm).


Blue is a cool or sedating color. Blue is the color of the sky so it has great influence on our circadian rhythms or work and rest patterns. In nature, oxygen—a vital element in our air and water—is blue. Relaxing, soothing and calming. A color of intuition. Astringent effect. Reduces hot and hyperactive conditions. Blue is considered to be beneficial for skin, bowels, eyes, nerves, germ fighter. Used to adjust our biological clocks. Blue LED lights have a wavelength of 465 nm (+/- 10 nm).

The LightWorks Unit has all eight modes described above, as well as the above range of colors in LED light. It offers an automatic setting that cycles through all 8 Modes or each mode can be individually chosen. To purchase the LightWorks and optional Hand Paddles, we recommend

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